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Having trouble with your garage door or your gate and don’t know what to do? call us on

(951) 905 8242, and we will solve your problem.

Our number is active 24/7. Therefore, regardless of the time difference, there will always be someone attending to your needs. Additionally, when you call through our office line, you are guaranteed of first, reliable, and accurate response. You also get to speak to a technician right on time hence making it easy to plan on the services you expect. We also give coupons to our customers, and for you to get a better deal, calls are the best option.

About Us

Ben Garage Door and Gate Company, we specialize in installation and repairs for both garage doors and gates. However, you can also call us whenever you want maintenance services on your garage door or gate. Therefore, whenever you need any services regarding your garage door or gates, we are the people to call. We pride ourselves in hiring the best technicians to ensure you get quality services. Our technicians are also well trained and have relevant documents to verify that they are certified to work within the location too.

Your garage door can experience problems at any time, including night hours. Without connections, it will be difficult for you to find the right person to fix the problem and restore order on your door. Therefore, there are higher chances of welcoming burglars in your home in the name of technicians. This should not be the case for you with Ben Garage Door Company. We only hire technicians with exceptional skills for all services. Therefore, when you contact us, you are sure your security will not be compromised.

Ben Garage Door Company has been in existence for a couple of years, and we have recommendable experience. Being a local company, we understand various garage door and gate design of the area. We have also worked on several gates and doors within the area, so it might not be the first time we are servicing such design. Therefore, we will ensure to work with utmost professionalism while servicing your garage door.

  (951) 9058284

23396 Hemlock Avenue apt 203
Moreno Valley, California 92557