What Do You Need? Garage Door Repair VS. Installation

What Do You Need? Garage Door Repair VS. Installation

What Do You Need? Garage Door Repair VS. Installation

Did you know that you will be opening and closing your garage door more than 1500 times each year? Well, most homeowners do not realize how much they depend on their garage door until there is a problem that needs to be fixed. However, sometimes, it may be difficult to know when you need to get a new garage door, and when calling a garage door repair specialist will solve the issue. Here are some tips that will help you differentiate between garage doors issues that need repairs and those that require the installation of a new garage door.

Signs that you need a Garage door repair

Here are some obvious signs that you need a garage door repair and not installation.

The garage door will not open or close

When the cables are worn out or broken, the opener has a stripped gear or the garage door opener has a malfunction, the garage door will not open and close as it should. In most cases, it will stop halfway and may not close at all. A garage door repair specialist will replace broken or worn out parts and get the garage door working.

Noisy garage door

It is expected that the garage door will produce a certain level of noise. However, when this noise is like an annoyance noise, which is usually loud, it is an indication that the garage door needs some repairs. The type of noise will also dictate the type of repair you need. Popping sounds indicate that the sections are not coming together properly. Grinding noises mean that the garage door drags against the tracks.

The garage door has come off its tracks

The smooth opening and closing movements only occur if the garage door is perfectly placed on its tracks. If it rolls off, operating it is not only difficult, but it is also extremely dangerous.

Garage door out of balance

This is an issue where one of the springs is more worn out than the other. Due to stress, the worn out spring may snap and increase the workload of your garage door opener, thus causing premature failure. You will know your garage door is out of balance if it sags and doesn’t close evenly.

A slow response time

If the garage door takes more than a few seconds to open, then it is time to call for professional help. This is not a huge problem. You only need to lubricate the moving parts and ensure that the garage door does not stick and thus opens perfectly.

How to know when you need to get a new garage door

The constant wear and tear and old age will cause the garage door to stop functioning correctly. At such moments, it makes more financial sense to replace the garage door rather than repair. Here are signs that tell you it is time to do garage door installation.

Excessive breakdowns

When your garage door is breaking down too frequently, it may be time to forego repairs and go garage door installation. The time and money used in repairs will be more than the money used in the installation process. It will make more sense to replace than to fix the garage door.

Too much noise

Some level of noise is necessary and will show that the garage door needs repairs. However, if the noise is excessive and there are straining creaking and cracking noises, you may need to get a garage door installation professional who will work on the garage door. Louder noises are a clear indication that the garage door is deteriorating.

Aging design

Throughout the years, your garage door has no doubt gone through several improvements in architecture, design, and functionality. However, you always want a garage door that will replace you, so it keeps up with current trends. If you are thinking about selling your home, installing a new garage door will go a long way in improving the value of the home.

Too many dings and dents

Smaller dings and dents can get easily patched up. However, when these add up over time, they can take away from the aesthetics of the home. The dents may be as a result of kids’ toys, your car, or harsh weather elements. These can also damage your garage door’s functionality.

Not energy efficient

As a homeowner, you need to always look for ways to make your home more energy-efficient and ensure that you are saving more money in bills. If the garage door lacks sealing joints, bottom seals, and weather strips, it may be time for you to consider upgrading to a new, more energy-efficient model.


Choosing the right actions to take on the garage door will depend on how many years you have had it. If you have been using it for more than ten years, you may need to change it to one that is more appealing and functional.